Friday, 27 May 2011

DIY Doily Ball

Doily's aren't just for your grandmas house anymore.

I have recently started to really like doilies. I love how beautiful they are and the many different things you can create with them. I was on a site called pinterest (which is the best site ever), and I saw a picture for a doily ball. Ah, it was gorgeous and I knew that I needed to have one in my room. After a search all over town for wallpaper glue (some of the most obvious stores didn't have it), I finally made this beautiful creation.

1 punching balloon (from the dollar store)
paint brush
doilys (get a lot, I thought I would have enough to make a big and small one, but I just had enough for my big one!)
wall paper glue
paper to not get the glue everywhere (Bieksa winning goal paper is preferred)


Blow up your balloon (or whatever inflatable object you are using).

Take one of your doilies and on both sides cover it with the wallpaper glue. Don't go skimpy on this step! The more glue, the better. You want to make sure that they dry hard.

After you have done this, take your doily and stick it onto your balloon, making sure that the sides are evenly pressed down. Once I stuck the doily on, I added another layer of glue just in case. 

As you can see, I first decided to place my balloon in a plant holder lined with newspaper. However, I soon realized that it may be easier if it was just hanging (which ended up being probably more difficult). Keep on adding the doilies until the balloon is covered. Make sure that the doilies overlap as this is how the ball will form and stick together. It will look something like this:

Now you have to let it dry. I brought mine inside at night (in case it rained) and hung it in a closet. I wanted to make sure mine was fully dry so I let it sit for the day. Once you feel that your glue is dry you can pop the balloon! I had read that the ballon will pop inside and you can just pull it out of the top, easy peasy. However, mine decided that it didn't want to do that. Half of the balloon stuck to the inside of the doilies so I had to poke the rest of the ballon out with a toothpick. A little annoying. After it was all un-stuck I cut a hole in the top of the ball so I could pull out the scraps.

Now your doily ball will be done!

You can either hang it with string, fishing line, but a light into it, use it as a centrepiece, or do with it how you please. I love this craft as it's pretty easy, not too expensive and just plain gorgeous. I plan on doing a couple smaller ones and hanging them all in a corner of my room. Enjoy!


  1. Beth! it turned out so good!

  2. I like the Canucks plug!

  3. Thank you for this post. I came across a doily lamp a few weeks back & now I know how to make it. This will be a great project for my patio tomorrow.

  4. Hi I just tried making these last night and we used "Roman's universal border paste"...the doileys are not getting hard. Can you please tell me exactly what kind of glue/paste you used?

  5. HI I tried making this two days ago and my dollies are not drying and they are falling off my balloon. Can you give me some advice I really want it to work.. Would you start over.. Wash them??